What a surprise that I change a new pair of rimless glasses

You can never imagine how surprised my friends are when I show my newly-bought rimless glasses to them. The first thing that stirs up their interest is the glasses themselves. I have been a glasses wearer for so many years but my personal taste is just the same because I am fond of the cute style of glasses from the perspective of a student. I seldom care about what is in fashion currently and I don’t want to follow suit as eagerly as other teenagers do. I think my personal style is acceptable and a cute pair of glasses suits my facial characteristics. But now I make a change and begin to wear rimless glasses that stand for elegance and profession. They feel shocked when they see my change. Another thing that interests them is that I should make online shopping for such an important article and actually this is the first time I do online shopping. To tell the truth, it is hard for me to make a wise choice. If not for the considerate help from the service personnel online, I can not expect a good result like this. I am grateful and excited when opening the package delivered to me. I like this pair of rimless glasses.

I want to stress the reason why I choose this purchase method to get what I am looking for these days. In reality, I doubt the security of online shopping for glasses at the very beginning because I think I have no related experience. My sister encourages me to have a try since she regards it as a very convenient way to achieve my purchase goal. The glasses sold on the Internet are rich in variety and it takes time to make a good selection after comparing among different types of glasses. She tells me that if I am careful, I can find out a satisfactory one that is of high quality and low price. Her words enlighten me and I decide to learn and practice regardless of the final result.

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