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When I was a little girl, I dreamt of having a pair of sunglasses of myself. I do not know why I like sunglasses so much, maybe because I saw many celebrities wearing different kinds of sunglasses on TV shows or other programs which make them cool and fashionable. At that time I was so little that I did not dare to ask my mother to buy me one. I made up my mind that when I grow up, I will buy as many pairs of sunglasses as I like.

However, when I grow up now, I had become near-sighted, and a pair of common sunglasses is unworkable to me. Though my dream of wearing sunglasses has come true, to wear sunglasses, I have to wear contact lenses first, which usually makes my eyes tired and uncomfortable. After all, my love for sunglasses does not decline at all. Now I understand that sunglasses are not only used to make us look cool and fashionable, but also can protect our eyes from the harmful sun rays, which makes me even fond of wearing and collecting sunglasses. Many professional opticians had warned that we must take good care of our eyes when spending time outdoors especially in summer, and wearing sunglasses is a good and workable way.

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