The popularity of plastic glasses

Viewed from the perspective of material, the prescription glasses in today’s market can be divided into metal glasses, plastic glasses, and so on. Recently plastic eyeglasses have taken advantage of the metal eyeglasses in popularity among us glasses wearers. We can see people, be it young or old, wearing plastic eyeglasses almost everywhere—in the street, in schools, hospitals, malls, offices, etc. There are some advantages of plastic glasses that are responsible for the rage for plastic glasses. Let’s see three of them.

The first reason why plastic eyeglasses are so widely favored is their durability. Compared to metal glasses, plastic glasses are lasting longer. Besides, plastic does not break easily so it is a better choice for those active people such as kids and sports guys. As a result, they won’t be worried about breaking the glasses while enjoying exhilarating games and sports.

The second reason for the popularity of plastic is its flexibility. Since plastic is quite flexible and can be molded into almost any form, plastic glasses have more styles and designs compared to glasses made of other materials. It is favored by the consumers because they can have more options in terms of shape and form. More often than not, plastic glasses have a more stylish and fashionable looking than metal ones.

Last but not least, the lightness of plastic glasses also accounts for people’s hits on them. Wearing glasses may not be a burden to our noses, but the glasses did cause some discomfort on the wearers’ heads and noses, especially to those who need to keep the glasses on their noses all day long. The metal glasses may decrease this discomfort by making them into rimless glasses or semi-rimless glasses, but the full-rim metal glasses are still quite heavy. When it comes to plastic glasses, the problem can easily be solved. The lightness of plastic makes it possible to harmonize both the rim and the weight.

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