Why Buy Progressive Eyeglasses Online Instead of Offline?

Progressive lenses allow you to see objects in near, intermediate, and far distances. It is better than bifocals and trifocals. It offers a wider field of vision. Nowadays, the viewing zones of progressive lenses have increased. It is compatible with small frames. It is made from high-quality material. High index progressive lenses are thinner than other lenses by 50%. If you want to protect your prescription eyeglasses from external impacts, it is recommended that you buy one that is made from polycarbonate lenses. The polycarbonate lens is shatter-resistant. They won’t shatter easily when dropped onto the ground. If you carry out sports activities regularly, you should wear progressive polycarbonate eyeglasses so that they won’t become damaged within a short while.

You can add additional coatings onto the lenses to protect your eyes. You can add anti-reflective coating onto the lens so that the light reflections can be eliminated. Usually, an anti-reflective coating is applied to high index lenses. High index lenses will reflect more light compared to other types of lenses. If the glasses have a high index of refraction, they will reflect a lot of light. By adding the anti-reflective coating, people will not notice the lenses. Anti-reflective glasses offer a better aesthetic appearance. It offers you a sharper vision. It allows you to see things with lesser light entering into your eyes at night. If you are buying sunglasses, you should consider adding the anti-reflective coating. In this way, the sunlight glare will not be able to reflect into your eyes. There are many different types of frames for you to choose from including titanium, stainless steel, plastic, etc frame. You must make sure that your skin is not sensitive to the material of the frame.

Photochromic tints can be added to the lens. Photochromic tints will cause the lens to automatically darken when you are outdoor. When you are indoor, the lens will restore to become transparent. Many online eyeglasses shops sell progressive lenses. You must research so that you know which shop is offering eyeglasses that suit your budget. Performing pricing comparison between different optic stores allow you to find out which online store is offering the cheapest price for the eyeglasses.