Valuable learning from choosing glasses online

There is always something to learn in our life, only if we pay more attention to everything around us. For example, I have learned a lot from the experience of choosing glasses online—it is very beneficial.

I have just been the Human Resource Manager of this new company, and I was going to do interviews with those employees. However, I felt some kind of panic since I had no idea how to handle this. Hearing what I complained, my best friend Lily said that she could help me by buying glasses online. Although I agreed to go to her home and buy glasses online together after work, I did not find there was anything related to my choosing new clerks for my company. She went online and found a famous online eyeglasses store, and then she began to choose from those thousands of eyeglasses. “Dear, did you see that? There are thousands of eyeglasses in their company, but you have to find out which pair suits you best.” She explained to me several points to be paid attention to in choosing suitable glasses online. Firstly, one has to make sure what his or her face shape is so that the shape of eyeglasses lens or frames could be decided. Secondly, one has to know what he or she wants the glasses for—to act as tools for correcting eyesight or decorations to beautify their images. Thirdly, one should be clear about his or her own personality—outgoing or shy, rigid or flexible, serious or funny. For example, she said, my face is a little longer than most people’s, so I should consider the glasses online with the round lens. Since I am not near-sighted, I could choose a very fashionable one without worrying the other things. And I am a relatively outgoing and optimistic person, she recommended me to buy glasses with light color frames, which would make me more amiable. Suddenly, I came to realize that, just like choosing glasses online, I should figure out what some post requires from the future employee. Besides, I should know whether their personality suits some particular post.

Also, like choosing glasses online, choosing people has a lot to learn. I hope I could learn more later from this web: shortly, and I know I will benefit from it greatly!