Why it leads the trend of 2012, semi rim eyeglasses?

I seldom observe the fashionable trend of something but recently, I find that the semi-rim eyeglasses are extremely popular among the people I know. I don’t feel certain whether it is a common trend but I think it really can partly demonstrate something. At least, I can tell that more and more people are choosing this type of glasses. My friend Johnson bought a new pair of glasses some days ago and he showed them to me. He did not wear it so immediately after he got it. On the contrary, he just kept it in a glasses case. It was a pair of metal eyeglasses with a stainless steel frame. The comfortable and durable legs made it more attractive to show the latest trendy style. It was really a good choice for people who loved sports so much like my friend to wear every day because it was super light. My friend was proud that he had made a wise decision. Until then, I realized the fact that he bought the glasses from an online store. I was shocked to hear him saying this because, in my memory, he was not that kind of online shopper. Also, he placed an order on such an important article.

When Johnson saw my reaction, he smiled and told me that he could understand why I was shocked. He, himself, did not expect an online shopping experience as well. He seldom needed to make purchases because his considerate wife prepared everything for him. But this time, he decided to order a pair of glasses when he found a good stopping place on the Internet by accident. The shopping experience could really excite him because it was totally new. Johnson liked sports, especially basketball. So he wanted to wear a pair of high-quality glasses with the features of a lightweight and durable frame. He did not think his requirements were high but it seemed not so easy to find the right pair.

As many other people did, he paid attention to the type of semi rim eyeglasses. The growing popularity of this style of glasses on the site cheapprescriptionglasses.net ¬†attracted him a lot. So he entered the category site to have a close look. The service personnel’s words also proved it was true that these glasses were leading the trend of 2012. My friend finally made a decision.