Here I share with you something about cheap glasses

It makes me feel a little strange and curious that a few of my friends tell me that they want to buy themselves pairs of cheap glasses. I was so surprised that they would have the idea of buying pairs of cheap glasses. They were not poor guys and of course, they could afford expensive glasses.

I asked them why. Instead of answering me, they said with pleasure and laugh that they looked down upon me. Of course, that was not true. So, they went on saying that their friends once bought cheap glasses online. And the cheap glasses that their friends bought on the Internet were well designed and of high quality. They said when they saw the cheap glasses their friends bought, they felt a little angry because the cheap glasses were almost the same as the glasses they spent more than three times the money. What’s more, the quality of these cheap glasses was almost the same as their glasses that they spent more money on.

Well, it was nothing to do with me. I did not want to buy a pair of glasses, so there was no meaning whether the glasses were cheap or not. However, my friends seemed to be crazy that they will buy themselves pairs of cheap glasses from the glasses stores online.

It was a few days later that they received their glasses they ordered from the Internet. Well, to be honest, the glasses they bought would not dwarf themselves compared to the glasses they had bought before. When I write till now, you may know what will be next. My friends who bought the cheap glasses from the Internet proved me to buy myself a pair of cheap glasses.

What could I do? They were so strong in provoking and when I went out together, almost all of us would wear a pair of glasses on the noses except me. Frankly, it was not a strange feeling that when you went out with people who all wear glasses except yourself. Finally, I gave up. I decided to buy myself a pair of cheap glasses from the Internet. So, I ask them to buy me a pair of cheap glasses. And they did.

Now I have my glasses, and when I wear them to go outside I feel it does help. I find I gradually appreciate wearing it. So I ask them what the website of this glasses store and here I share it with you. If you want to have a try, the website of it is