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In recent times, I have been considering buying a pair of glasses for myself again since my original one had been out of use for about a week. However, I can’t buy one immediately before. For one thing, I was completely occupied with my courses and could spare no time to buy a pair from a local glasses store which would mean spending a whole day going from the store, selecting the design, comparing the price, evaluating the quality, and the like; terribly boring and tiring; for another, the prices of those glasses in stores were usually forbiddingly high. As I was at a loss about what to do, one of my friends recommended to me an online glasses store and suggested that I buy glasses from there. And he told me that with the coming of Christmas I was able to get one pair of glasses there quite good in quality and unexpectedly low in price.

I am not a frequent online shopper, but I listened to my friend’s advice, which at last has proven to be a correct and wise choice. At first, I looked through all the pictures the store had presented on its webpage. And I was quite satisfied with what I had seen there. The glasses it presented came in great variety whether in terms of their design, shape, size, or color. It sold discount glasses, prescription glasses, rimless glasses, bifocal glasses, and so on. After a preliminary selection, I began to compare their prices and functions. During the process, an online sales representative offered me great help. Whenever I had any questions, he would explain to me in great detail and with great patience and enthusiasm.
I found that glasses sold there were all a lot cheaper than those in local retail stores, with some sold at an unexpectedly low price.

In the end, under the guidance of the sales representative, I placed an order for a pair of discount prescription glasses which were in light purple and had a full solid frame to protect the lenses. By the way, the delivery was quick and timely. Last night, I received my purchase and I was fairly contented with it. They were terrific in quality and looked just the same as the picture online.

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