Bifocal glasses as mom’s birthday present

Both New Year’s Day and my mother’s birthday are approaching. As a practice, I should choose something as a present for her. I used to buy her a piece of scarf, a pair of woolen gloves and so on. However, I would like to buy her something special this year. Having left home for three years, I am not familiar with the daily life of my mother, which makes me confused when choosing her present. It is my landlord, an old woman of the same age as my mother, that reminds me of buying a pair of bifocal glasses as a present. As she said, her life became more colorful with the bifocal glasses.

At first, I was not convinced by her words since I was not sure of what a pair of bifocal glasses is. When I searched the bifocal glasses online, I was a little surprised by their function. It was said that a pair of bifocal glasses are most suitable for middle-aged people who have difficulty in looking at objects in both short and long distances. It reminded me of one thing my mother has told me. She once said that she was worried about his eyesight as she can only see things around her yet cannot see things far away clearly. She has a habit of carrying two pairs of glasses when she goes out yet I have never asked why. Thus, a pair of bifocal glasses can reduce her trouble of changing eyeglasses all the time when she goes out.

At the same time, since I cannot go home to spend the holiday with her, it is a little romantic to send her the bifocal glasses by packages. I remembered having bought a pair of sunglasses online a year ago. I searched for that online option shop at once. It really impresses me as it has changed so much. There were more items on sales now and we're really on the cutting edge. I could figure out the most fashionable styles I have just read in a magazine. Since I was familiar with the procedure, I chose directly the style of the frames and lens for my mother. I knew she was not in favor of some bright colors as she getting old. I then chose the brown frames with bold materials in case of scratches. The order was made in less than a quarter. After that, I closed the and began to wait for the phone call from my mother. Wish her a happy birthday.